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#387: Becoming a High Performer

When we hear the term ‘high performance’ what often springs to mind is the uber-successful, high-profile, annoyingly-talented superstars of business, academia, the military, sport, music, media, science, film, politics and so on. But for me (a not-super-talented human), high performance is really about our ability to get the most out of what we have (time, talent, energy, potential, skill, genetics, opportunities, resources), wherever we are. It’s not about running 100 metres in 9.5 seconds, joining the space program, curing cancer, winning a Nobel Prize, making millions, winning a Grammy or making movies (all good things though), it’s about being the person who perseveres, who adapts, who gets uncomfortable on purpose, who is courageous, who faces their fear and who is willing to do what most only talk about. Well, this is an episode about that. Enjoy.