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#1271 What Really Causes Cancer? - Dr Sanjay Juneja

Dr Sanjay Juneja is a highly-regarded Doctor (Oncologist), Researcher and Science Communicator, who also happens to be funny, fascinating, compassionate, curious and by the end of our chat, a little bit sweary (that's what happens when I open the 'f*ck door'). You might think talking about cancer (we also cover other topics) could be a little depressing but in fact, it was enlightening, entertaining and educational. *BIO: Dr. Sanjay Juneja is a practicing triple board-certified hematologist and medical oncologist known nationally as "TheOncDoc," where he boasts over half a million subscribers across his social media platforms. He is also the host of the innovative "Target: Cancer Podcast," with distinguished guests including experts, bestselling authors, and Pulitzer Prize winners, discussing novel advancements and conceptual challenges of cancer as a whole.