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#1213 Destination Disappointment - Dr. Hannah Korrel

So often, there's something about our existence (body, bank balance, career, situation, relationship status) that we want to change (do, be, create, achieve) and then when we get 'there', boom.. we're happy. And fulfilled. Content. Calm. Good in theory, but... nah. In fact, hard nah. We often get there (reach our target destination), only to 'realise' (believe) that we need to lose just 3 more kilos. Earn $20K more. Run 5 minutes faster. Have that body part just a little bigger or smaller. Get ten percent more followers. And then... we'll be happy. Forever. Again... nah. This chat with Doctor Hannah was totally spontaneous (as is often the way), as we planned to discuss a completely different topic but nonetheless, I think you'll enjoy it.