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#1165 Mid-Life Reinvention - Caroline Webbon (PT2)

This is a very different podcast. Our guest has never been interviewed. She is not a world-class expert, author, researcher or guru (although she might be one day) but for some of you, she might provide more value and insight than the superstars. She might be more relatable. More inspirational. More like a listener, than a guest. Well, that’s because she is a listener (and now, a guest). Caroline sent me a message about her re-invention and revolution in her 50th year and I thought a TYP chat with her about her journey might make good listening. She was definitely less enthusiastic (and somewhat terrified) about my idea but eventually, we sorted it. I will say that Caroline is very complementary about me and TYP in general (which makes me somewhat uncomfortable, although I appreciate the gesture) but I take zero credit for any of her achievements (of course) and I’m quick to point out that she did 100% of the work and I did exactly… zero. Maybe I said a few things which resonated but then, plenty of people heard those same words and did f**k-all (as my mum says). This is a great chat with someone who literally transformed their thinking, behaviour, habits, results and career in a relatively short period of time. Enjoy.