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#1114 How Dare You Assume - Tommy & Harps (PT2)

Tommy’s back at TYP unpacking the meaningful and meaningless (but amusing) with me and this time we talk about the massive surge of teenage boys lifting heavy sh*t (and stinking up the gym), Tommy’s new found love for the sauna and ice bath protocol, the challenge of trying not to assume in a world full of assumptions, cruise ship morgues (this topic was all Tommy), business storytelling and maximising video impact for audience engagement, unconventional meditation practices, escaping the mind, being the observer of your thoughts, why Aussies having the highest burnout rate in the world, people who dump their rubbish where they shouldn’t (super annoying), the impromptu strength training seminar I gave to a bunch of disinterested boys (who were about to injure themselves) at the gym and lots more.