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#1011 Poo Transplants, Antibiotics, Microbiome & Bacteria - Dr. Bill Sullivan (PT1)

Yep, Poo transplants. Crapsules. You’re welcome. They’re a thing. This chat was f**king fascinating, Dr. Bill Sullivan is a brilliant science communicator and I learned a shit-ton. Pun intended. Among a gazillion things, we spoke about antibiotics and their impact on our microbiome, the five second rule (food on floor), Gene therapy (to treat and even eradicate some conditions), the intersection of science and ethics, personalised medicine, being disconnected from our bodies (we mostly are), parasites in our brain (one third of us have a particular one), the nutritional value of food today versus in the past, the impact of microbiome on things like obesity, depression, allergies and addiction, the gut-brain relationship, fermented foods, probiotics and lots more. Enjoy.